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Find out how Raisemore’s Individual Giving Programme can boost the money your charity raises from individual donors.

See how we can help

More small and medium cash donations

More lump sum donations from wealthy benefactors

More In memory gifts

More gifts in wills

More donors with prize-led fundraising

Raisemore’s promise: no more running to stay still.

Raisemore exists to help smaller charities to gain the benefit of fundraising methods that, largely, only the big charities have access to. 

For a multitude of reasons, smaller charities miss out on the funding security that comes from using these methods. 

This leads to an existence that is all too often hand to mouth-financially. Not knowing where the money is going to come from. Running to stay still. 

Raisemore’s programme will help to turn this around, bringing your charity:

  1. More small and medium cash donations
  2. More Large gifts
  3. More in Memoriam Gifts and Gifts in Wills

Cash donors are the lifeblood of individual giving. This is because:

  • cash donations are a key source of general revenue to cover core costs
  • cash donors are the best source of future in Memoriam Gifts
  • cash donors are the best source of future Gifts in Wills

Small and medium cash donors come from:

  • Your website
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • Prize-led fundraising

Does your small charity need more funds and donations?