Help for Trustees

Help for Trustees

Everything the Charity Commission expects trustees to know. Just £9 a month.

Charity Trustees face a daunting barrage of fundraising laws, regulations, Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes and ‘best practice’ advice from pundits of all kinds.

To help trustees find their way through this minefield, Raisemore offers our Fundraising Blueprint Service.

We charge a modest £9.00 a month to cover our costs and for this, subscribers receive:

‘Blueprint for Fundraising’, our 250 page manual on fundraising and fundraising regulation. This is constantly updated so subscribers are fully armed with the information which the Charity Commission says they must have. Blueprint is essential reading for any trustee with responsibility for ensuring fundraising is as effective as possible and compliant in every way.

‘Trustees Briefing’, a regular monthly newsletter with topical discussion on issues of the day and news on regulatory changes in the pipeline.

Members-only access to our Members’ Library – all of the Acts of Parliament, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Guidance notes and key White Papers by industry experts, all in one place and up to date at all times. The library currently contains over 2500 pages of key regulatory information Trustees have an obligation to know.

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