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To gain an insight into what challenges and experiences were being faced by charities and fundraisers in the current climate, Raisemore conducted a fundraising survey, consisting of nine questions, between 24th May and 30th August 2018.

It was sent to 33,757 charities (i.e. organisations who have registered, or have been registered, with The Charity Commission) in England and Wales, by email.

There were 119 respondents, representing a 0.35% response rate. Of these, 116 (approximately 97%) fully completed the survey.

The survey highlights concern some fundraisers have regarding the level of charity awareness and/or expertise within their organisation and the ability to develop a fundraising strategy. There also appears to be an ongoing struggle to keep or to recruit staff and volunteers.

We feel it is important for charities and fundraisers to have up-to-date information from other organisations and be able to compare their experiences and challenges.

The Report

Brief Summary

Size of organisation and Income – The largest response to the survey came from organisations who classed themselves as “small” with an income of under £100K.

Charity types – With areas of focus including disability, religion and overseas aid, the largest percentage were charities dealing with the local community and/or social welfare.

Location – Over 80% of the charities surveyed were regional, with London and the South East making up the largest percentage of these.

On-line presence – Almost three quarters of the organisations asked do have an on-line presence of some sort.

Use of social media – Despite the large percentage of organisations using social media, just over half of respondents don’t feel that they are making the best use of it.

Donations by individuals – Individual giving is still an important source of income for voluntary organisations of all sizes. 69% of respondents estimated that they receive 50% or less of their total income via this method. 10% of organisations receive their entire funding through individual donations.

Donation methods – Of the numerous methods of collecting donations, fundraising events and collections proved to be core sources of income. Legacies and major gifts also made up a large percentage of the total.

Fundraising challenges – Charities continue to struggle to keep or to recruit staff and volunteers – this was cited as the biggest challenge to increasing individual donations. Other concerns were the level of charity awareness and/or expertise within the organisation and being able to develop a fundraising strategy.