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We feel it is important for charities and fundraisers to have up-to-date information from other organisations and be able to compare their experiences and challenges.

To this end, Raisemore conducted a survey, consisting of nine questions, between 27th November 2018 and 11th January 2019.

It was sent to 22,676 charities (i.e. organisations who have registered, or have been registered, with The Charity Commission) in England and Wales, by email.

There were 98 respondents, representing a 0.43% response rate. Of these, 92 (approximately 94%) fully completed the survey.

Individual giving is still an important source of income for voluntary organisations of all sizes, however, the survey revealed that only one quarter of those organisations approached have, or are aware of their organisation having, a strategy for this.

The survey also highlighted the fact that small charities continue to struggle to keep or to recruit staff and volunteers .

We hope this report will help charities and fundraisers reflect on their own organisation and plan for the future, enabling them to continue the great work they do.

The Report

Brief Summary

Fundraising teams – 73% of the charities asked do not have a dedicated fundraising team. 25% have an internal team and 2% have an external team.

Fundraising goals – 42% of survey respondents felt that they had met their fundraising goals last year. 43% had not met their goals – 15% were not sure.

A strategy for individual giving – A quarter of those asked do have a strategy for individual giving.

Donations by individuals – 34% of respondents estimated that they receive more than 50% of their total income via this method.

Donation methods – Fundraising events and collections are core sources of income. Legacies and major gifts also make up a large percentage.

Outsourcing – 3% of respondents outsource their fundraising functions to a third party. 68% would not consider this option, while a further 7% would entertain the idea. 22% of respondents were unsure.

Fundraising challenges – Only 15% of respondents felt that their organisation is maximising the use of all fundraising channels. 68% of respondents didn’t think that they are.

Increasing individual giving revenue – Charities continue to struggle to keep or to recruit staff and volunteers – this, along with charity awareness and/or expertise was cited as by far the biggest challenge to increasing individual donations.